The Konjac Sponge Review! Baby Sponge and Bamboo Charcoal Varieties!


A few weeks ago I told you about the Konjac Sponge, a beauty sponge innovation made from the Konjac Potato (native to Asia).    To cover some of the alleged benefits in a few lines, the reason for using this special potato is because it’s entirely natural, dye free, biodegradable, full of vitamins, exfoliates, generates more bubbles if you use it with your foamy cleanser etc etc.   It’s like a magic sponge *puffs smoke*. […]

Yogi Hair Wand Review; The Perfect Curl?


The amount of hair curlers and general hair styling tools I have is bordering on insanity, but I still can’t help it – I love playing with electrical hair tools.   I am also not very good at using electrical hair tools, but this is a side point. Ahem. My most desired hair is loose beachy style waves, and due to my lack of skill, this should be done very quickly. Enter the Yogi Hair […]

Diesel Only The Brave Battle Of The DJs event in Manchester 19th September 2013


For my regional ladies, Diesel, the brand, will be hosting an event which will see two artists playing a set ‘Battle of the Djs’ at the Deaf Institute, Manchester on the 19th September 2013.   The event is invite only so to win tickets for yourself and a friend, visit the Only The Brave Facebook Page and vote your your favourite DJ! That’s it! On the night there will be live voting at the event (6pm […]

Wild About Beauty Line & Define Liner Pen and Kajal Pencil Duo Review


Wild About Beauty, the cosmetic and skincare range by Louise Rednapp and Kim Jacob, is fast becoming a make up range I get excited about when they bring forth new collections; and trust me, I don’t get excited that often by new make up. Honest. Although I have mentioned it before on this blog I’ll say it again; Wild About Beauty is a high end range with quality ingredients and various beneficial ingredients and is […]

Matte Lip Cream Klaxon! Etude House And Rose Collection – Rosy Tint Lips Review


Every time I tell myself that I won’t be investing in any new make up, a brand comes out with something totally yummy looking that I need to indulge in.  Etude House is one of those brands that keep releasing extremely creative ranges – even though I can’t say I like everything they release I totally respect the fact that they keep creating new formulas and doing something different. Their newest and totally season appropriate […]

What A Sick Idea! Sick Note Urban Gift Hampers Review


There’s nothing quite like giving someone a present; in my view it’s nicer than receiving a gift especially when you get it spot on.  I am a huge fan of buying presents and I do my best to think of something creative; no gift vouchers from Auntie Candy! I was highly intrigued by the cute gift company, Sick Note – they have created gift bags for specific situations (you can also make custom ones) which […]

Nicky Clarke Ceramic Waving Wand Review


Some people make that ‘beachy waves’ look easy to achieve…I’m afraid I’m not one of those people.  It always take a lot of faff to get a result and I’ve tried all sorts of curlers – ones with a clip, no clips, thick ones, thin ones, rollers.  Sometimes they curl too much, some times not at all. I thought this Nicky Clarke Ceramic Waving Wand was pretty interesting – I have’t seen a rod type […]

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