THE HAUL I WAS EXCITED ABOUT! Stylenanda 3CE 3 Concept Eyes Haul!


I just happened to spot a random product when browsing a few weeks ago, called a ‘Lip Paint’ and from that point on I had to find out more about the brand…the range is called 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) from a Korean fashion brand called Style Nanda (similar to Urban Outfitters / American Apparel but less pervy).  I ended up doing a big haul from Korea – it will take me a little while to […]

End of July Chit Chat and Catch Up…


Aloha ladies and gents. Why do I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages? I think it’s because I am out of the flow. It has been as busy for me this year as it was last year, and I have just been getting used to my new role as Mummy to one extremely adorable but demanding little boy!  A few odd updates: All UK blog sale parcels have now gone you should have received […]

Little BU Nail Polish Review and Swatches; Polishes for Little Girls?


Hi Ladies, I hope you are all well. I am still crazy busy here, just day to day my hours fly by quickly and I can’t always remember everything I’ve done! all I know is I seem to have little time to do leisurely things these days! Anyway I figured it was time I did a review. I’ve had these Little BU nail polishes for ages – I found them when moving house a few […]

Lip Balm for Him and Her? Holika Holika I Want Chu Lip Balm


This is kind of a cute idea – Holika Holika have a new range of lip balms which come in a set of two, 1 for the Mr, 1 for the Missus.  There’s Strawberry Smoothie (Pink-Strawberry and Clear – Yoghurt), Milky Soda (Clear – Milk, Blue – Soda), Mojito (spelt Mohitto) Kiss (Yellow – Lemon, Blue – Mint) and Cherry Cock (yes really) Kiss, (Pink – Cherry, Brown- Cola).  Now even though some of these […]

Nair Hair Removal Cream (Upper Lip Kit) Review or ARGH


Just a quick one today!  Over the weekend I decided to buy this Nair Upper Lip Kit (Hair Removal Cream) because I wanted to try something different to waxing (waxing can give my skin little spots).  I haven’t used hair removal cream for a while, and I don’t tend to use them because I just find waxing or tweezing longer lasting.  So this Nair Kit was half price in Superdrug.  It comes with two tubes […]

Show Beauty: Luxury Hair Styling Products Make Over and Review!


We’ve all seen the high end skincare products but have you seen high end hair styling goodies? Ehh? Ehh? Well this new ultra luxe hair styling range called SHOW beauty is all about luxurious hair – the products are formulated to create full, swishy, voluminous, sexy hair.  The products include thickening, volumising, finishing spray, treatment oils and a thermal protector, and a hair fragrance.  Check out the sexy packaging: I popped down to Selfridges, where […]

Some Seriously Special Smoothies: Savse Smoothie Review


My oh my. I have had quite a busy year, I didn’t think I could top last year in terms of getting married, having a baby and moving house, but 2013 hasn’t exactly been peaceful.  With that in mind, I have been on the more unhealthy side of late – I swear I am not always stuffing my face with McDonalds, but when I’m tired and the stress is on…I guess it’s just one of […]

Brow Talk: Threading at Superdrug and Jill Stuart Eyebrow Powder Review


You can tell when I’ve been busy because my eyebrows start to look like this: I also happen to have lost my 4th pair of tweezers this year, and waxing tends to give me tiny little white spots so what’s a gal to do? I decided to get threaded and ASAP.  However…there are plenty of places these days that offer Threading but I’ve had good treatments and some really painful bad ones.  I wasn’t really […]

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