Blog Sale 2013!


OMG. Too many numbers. I AM SORRY IT’S LATE.  Been working on it til the last minute. Anyway here it is, the link the the Blog Sale for 2013. I am never doing this again! The link is HERE Hope you find something you like in the sale anyhow! I’m off to down a coffee […]

Mini Break Away….


No – or  very few – blog posts this week as we have a mini break away from all the crazy-ness going on. I am OFF DUTY, yo!  Then back home for the blog sale this coming Saturday – don’t miss it!  Feeling strangely content and optimistic at the moment!   Have a lovely week […]

Where I don’t like chocolate: Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Eyeliner Review


Part of Etude House’s Sweet Recipe collection were these two cream eyeliners – I had to purchase them because I have a thing for cream and gel eyeliners!  This comes in two colours – dark chocolate and milk chocolate.   The chocolate smudge liners are extremely cute – they come in the little chocolate cases […]

Blog Sale 2013 Preview List Part 1!


UPDATE: The blog sale date has been changed to – SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2013 at 8PM.   Aloha!   Sorry for the delay in this preview list (part 1). We have had a crazy busy few days which are only going to get busier as we sort out household matters, and we are going away […]

Eyeshadow Comparison: Kate Shiny Jelly Eyes BK-1 and Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in 85 Mirfique


Bit of a random one this…but a while ago, whilst I was away I purchased Chanel’s Illusion D’Ombre in 85 Mirfique – here are my other two colours, which I do like very much. Even though Mirfique is not exactly wearable I decided I wanted it in my collection – it’s a rich black densely […]

Introducing Souk Souk – Little Green Beauty Box


Many beauty babes have already heard of Glossy Box and Birch Box, but have you heard of SoukSouk? SoukSouk is a ‘Green’ beauty box and is a subscription like Glossy Box but focuses on organic, natural, cruelty free and/or chemical free ranges.  There’s 5 items in the box – generous travel sizes and sometimes full […]

Happy Father’s Day!


There are different things that we ladies look for when we meet a man; good looks, sense of humour, the ability to set up a wireless home printer network and for me, someone who has that twinkle in his eye that says he will be a good father one day.   I knew for a […]

Blog Sale Date Announcement!


UPDATE: The blog sale date has been changed to – SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2013 at 8PM.   It’s time for another blog sale! The date of the next blog sale 2013 will be Saturday 22nd June at 8pm.  I wanted to do it this weekend but there’s too much to work through still, sorry!   […]

MAC Face and Body Foundation Review; A Second Chance!


I have purchased MAC Face and Body foundation twice before in the ginormous 120ml squeeze bottles and felt lukewarm about the product twice.  What can I say? With everyone recommending this water based, long lasting all over foundation I felt that I had to love it or at least like it…but to be honest the […]

Blog Sale and General Blog Chit Chat….


Hallo ladies,  Just a little update to say there won’t be as many post this week because I am concentrating on getting this blog sale ready within the next 2 weeks.  It’s been quite hard to do what with a butterball in tow, and the sheer amount of stuff I am going to part with! […]

B.Sensible Breatheable & Waterproof Pillow Cover Review


I don’t know about you, but I can tell you that in the Candy household, sleep is a rare thing (sob) so I am always willing to try out new things that can make my brief naps more comfortable.  I was offered the chance to try these waterproof products from B.Sensible – a fitted sheet […]

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