The Face Shop Bye Bye Dark Circle Concealer & Bright Pact Setting Powder Review!


I am having the least sleep and rest EVER, and it might have something to do with a little butterball!  Anyway I am noticing dark circles, fine lines and dark circles appearing extra fast. Whilst I try and find an super charged eye cream, I am also all about the concealing at the moment.   […]

Emilia Clarke Met Gala Make Up using CK ONE Cosmetics


The only reason I am presenting the following make up look to you is because this is KHALEESI we’re talking about and she does happen to look rather lovely at The Met Gala! If you are watching Game of Thrones then you will be up to Episode 6, Series 3 – I watching this episode […]

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara & Lash Jelly Drop Treatment Gel Review


Many ladies in the know tell me their all time favourite Japanese mascara comes from Majolica Majorca – their mascara’s are extremely long lasting and are usually very dark and lengthening.  I personally found that their mascara’s didn’t hold curl until I tried their last release, Lash King (I thought I reviewed this but I […]

Holland & Barrett Treat Box Review – Wonder Oil & Black Cherry Concentrate


A while ago I was sent a taster box (treat box? tuck box?) with a selection of Holland & Barrett products to review covering health, beauty and skincare.  Holland & Barrett wasn’t somewhere I started shopping in until a few years ago (my nan and mum always did though to buy fish oil!).  Now I […]

Smelly Cooking Hair? Try Salon Style Precious Head Spa Scalp Refresher & Mandom Baby Veil Hair Fragrance!


I do like cooking although I have to mentally prepare myself sometimes for spending hours in the kitchen; preparing meals for Baby H, lunches for Mr C, dinner and something healthy for myself in one go means spending lots of time cooking and cleaning simultaneously.  And something that annoys me so, is having freshly washed […]

Kure Bazaar Chic Spring/Summer Aqua and Coral Nail Polish Collection


So I’ve never considered myself to have ‘sensitive’ nails – they grow very quickly so it doesn’t bother me that they will eventually break and flake at 1cm past my actual finger.  I have always found nail polishes very drying and not long after removing one I will always have to have a major snip […]

Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara Review – Perfect for Asian Lashes!


I didn’t want to throw this Rimmel Masacara out without doing a quick review, because it does deserve one.  I’ve had Rimmel’s Forever Shape mascara for some time now – this beauty is a Japan only product (Rimmel Japan has a number of exclusive products and lines) and it is a brilliant mascara for girls […]

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