Lips of the Day! Vitage Natural Lip Lustre Mineral Lip Gloss in Coral Dream Review!


It’s Friday, Friday, so let’s keep it sweet and simple today. My lips of the day comes from a brand that is new to me called Vitage; a British skincare and mineral make up brand.  Quite often I find that mineral make up brands can be lacking when it comes to the colour cosmetics; colours can be a bit meh and…earthy.  Yes…earthy. Vitage’s Natural Lip Lustre’s do not shy away from being colourful! Coral Dream […]

Estee Lauder Invisible Powder Make Up Review


Estee Lauder’s Invisible Foundation is one of my new favourites; it’s liquidy like MAC face and body but offers a good amount of coverage and a glowing finish that doesn’t look like you’ve been standing over a hot cooker.  Estee Lauder recently released a Invisible Powder Make Up and I have given it a trial run. I love compact foundations but usually the creamy textured sort because of the dry skin I have.  I have […]

PAINFUL Pedicure?! My Nails Inc Terrific Tooties Pedicure Treatment Review


Silly me, we had a little bit of sun and I decided that it would…could….maybe…last for more than 2 whole days and booked myself in for a pedicure as to not scare innocent people with my wintery grey feet. I had a gift voucher for a treatment so I went on to the Nails Inc site to find a branch and booked myself in. Oh I don’t know why I bother sometimes – oh wait […]

Would you have a Brow Lift?


I got a press release about a treatment called Ulthera (yeah I thought I saw Urethra too) which uses ultrasound to the ‘natural healing process’ to tighten the loose skin on the brow.  In just 30 minutes, the treatment can give you a brow lift of as much as 2cm. I didn’t even realise that this was a ‘thing’ – treatment to raise the eyebrows? I have never seen anyone that has made me think, […]

Olay Regenerist CC Complexion Corrector Cream Review!


Now that my beloved Asian BB cream has been taken over by Western brands attempting to do the same thing but failing, I am bored of the BB.  So now we are on to CC.  And actually, I was really excited about trying this Olay Regenerist CC cream – it’s my first one!  I am a CC cream virgin! So a CC cream is lighter than the BB (arguably Western BB creams are more like […]

MAC Strobe Liquid Hydration in Golden Elixir Review!


Part of the MAC Temperature Rising collection features this Limited Edition strobe lotion in Golden Elixir. I purchased one because I have been wanting the regular strobe liquid for a while, but didn’t have a good reason to buy it since I have the strobe cream already (and it lasts forever!).  This stuff cost £22.50 and it’s smaller than I expected! Just 50ml of product. The bronze doesn’t look like what I expected (I purchased […]

Venus Naked Skin IPL Trial; Final Thoughts!

Finally, much delayed due to technical difficulties is my final instalment of my Gilette Venus IPL trial.  My thoughts are summed up in the video See Part 1 and Part 2 here. Gilette Venus IPL System Verdict from Miss Candy on Vimeo. All in all I’ve enjoyed using the system – it’s definitely a splurge but it depends how important hair removal is to you; certainly if you are spending hundreds or more at a salon using […]

MAC Temperature Rising Haul; Sheer Seduction, Soft Serenade and Ripe for Love


I am not one of these people who keeps up with every MAC release (there are so many!) but I do always take a look at the Summer releases because I love their bronzy releases which aren’t as obvious as other beauty companies’ offerings and they’re always quite sexy!  I purchased a few things from the Temperature Rising collection (also not pictured the Strobe Lotion in the golden colour).  I found these on counter as […]

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