Babyliss Pro Curl reduced from £169 to £89.98 on QVC today!

Hello all! as my laptop is still dead, I am testing out the blogging capabilities out on my iPhone! Any formatting problems etc. I apologise! Now remember the Babyliss Pro Curl I blogged about a few days ago? The amazing hair contraption which curls hair comes in at £169 at Sally’s…ouch. Well I just got an email confirming that QVC’s special value for today is the Babyliss Pro Curl for £89.98 plus £8.95 shipping! So […]

General Blog Service Update and Sean Bean Memes


So this happened… My not cheap Macbook Pro which is just 6 months old died suddenly yesterday (currently not charging – it’s flashing orange) so I have booked myself into the Apple genius bar AGAIN where I can be assisted by some 19 year old hipster with bizarre facial hair. I am currently typing on my old and incredibly slow Macbook – whilst it is nearly 7 years old it has served me well which […]

News Flash: My D7000 Camera Died This Weekend


I have no idea why I am announcing this on the blog as it doesn’t really have to be mentioned but MY CAMERA DIED LAST WEEK.  My Nikon D7000 which is almost 2 years old just suddenly ‘clicked’ loudly as I was taking photos of eyeliner (how very beauty bloggy of me) and like an old lady clicking her hips, I knew something was wrong.  Next thing you know, my images looked like this – […]

Beauty Invention – Remove Make Up With Just Water! Shiseido Fullmake Washable Base


THIS is why I love Japanese make up brands. This is why I love Shiseido.  Because just when you think you have everything you could possibly need in the beauty world, they keep pushing and pushing to find new formulations and creative innovative products. So you can keep your BB Creams, cos it’s old news… This is the beauty stuff you didn’t even know you needed! With a name like Shiseido Fullmake Washable Base leaves you […]

Bums and Nipples: Kamillosan Chamomile Ointment Review


Baby H has been suffering from eczema so aside from a few things from the Dr, I have been trying different creams and ointments to see what works best for him.  So far in my experience, the simpler the better.  One of the creams I heard about which is supposed to be multi purpose and good for skin conditions, nipples and nappy rash is Kamillosan Ointment, made with Chamomile Extract: As a breastfeeding mum, I […]

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Review


Heroine Make is a classic Japanese mascara; the range itself is known for it’s excellent eyeliners and their Impact Frame mascara is excellent. However, the other mascara’s in their range is the Volume and Curl and Long and Curl range which is very popular.  In the new packaging (the old one was a dark burgundy with gold lettering): I chose Volume and Curl to try – I was getting fed up of using mascara that didn’t […]

Super Super Super Stay! Solone Eyeshadow and Eyeliner ‘Smoody’ Pencil Review!


Solone is a Taiwanese make up brand from…Taiwan, silly, and they make a rather popular eyeliner pencil which they call the “Solone Gel Line Smoody Pencil”.  This pencil is waterproof, it can be blended and used as an eyeshadow or liner. They also happen to be quite inexpensive so I picked up three from eBay for around £14 including shipping which is about the price of one high end eyeliner (ie. MAC, Urban Decay etc.): […]

My new make up bag: Nikki Farquharson for MAC pouch!


A few months back I purchased a pretty new make up bag for myself from MAC (The Illustrated Kits collection, which also included two designs from illustrators Julie Verhoeven and Francois Berthoud) - But it was this bright Aztec-African-Curvy-Abstract striking design that caught my eye, and I liked the compact size of it – oh yes – this would be my new handbag make up bag! Here it is; the design is by Nikki Farquharson, a […]

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