Say what? Primark Concession in Selfridges Trafford Centre


Things I associate with Primark: 1. Cheap and cheerful stuff. 2. Horrible crowds of pushy chavs and women with buggies who push them into the back of your legs (I don’t do this I swear, my Bugaboo cost too much).  3. Massive queues all day, every day apart from ten minutes to closing time when the staff suddenly start working five times faster. Truth is I haven’t been to Primark for a long, long time […]

A £60 Christmas Beauty Preparation Package!


I got an email from the people over at setting me a challenge of putting together a Christmas Beauty Preparation kit for £60 or less. The idea is to pick out products that will save us the trouble of going to the salon or paying a professional for their services!  So here are my picks! Hair: 1) Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Colour Foam - £4 from Boots Everyone wants freshly cut and coloured hair for […]

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