Meet Baby Candy…


Hello Ladies! I’ve been quiet lately because as those of you who follow me on Twitter will know, little Baby Candy made an appearance 4 weeks earlier than expected under somewhat rushed circumstances! And it’s a…..BOY!   We called him Harrison.  We had another name in mind until we saw him.  Here’s a photo we took a few hours after he was born.  He likes to sleep with one hand to his face! He is […]

GHD Pink Cherry Blossom Styler Review


What is the most iconic hair straightener of all? It has to be the GHDs right? To the point where people I know actually ask for GHDs rather than saying ‘Hair Straighteners’!  GHDs also release special editions every now and then with different colours and designs to keep things interesting (although my first pair lasted for years before I needed some new ones – its always nice to have a choice!).  The GHD Pink Cherry […]

Plans, Plans, Plans….or rather not. A little life and baby update!


They say even the best laid plans of mice and men can often go awry, and in this case I am the man and Baby Candy is the mice. I mean, mouse.  Here was my amazing mind map I did on Sunday night detailing how I would spend my leave: Program is: Simple Minds on iPhone and for Desktop. I really like it! Yesterday, on the first day of my maternity leave and what I […]

Stretch Mark OIls for Pregnancy:Mama Mio Tummy Rub, Mum to Be Organics and Earth Mama Angel Baby


If there is one product I have really incorporated into my daily skincare routine since carrying baby Candy, it’s stretch mark oils for the belly. In fact – Mr C applies this for me every night and it’s a chance for him to catch any wiggles or movement (baby C likes to mess about at night near the surface it seems!).  There’s an arm! There’s a bum! I amazingly have not had any stretch marks […]

Boo Boo Review: Palgantong 3×3 Cube Colours Eye Shadow


  I’ll keep this review short and quite sweet, okay?  Palgantong (sounds elegant eh) is a brand from Korea (I think?!) and is one of the very first brands I noticed before there was an explosion in the popularity of Korean make up brands generally.  Their best selling classic product is the Theatrical Loose Powder which I tried a few times and think is OK. A few months ago I spotted these palettes on Adambeauty and […]

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