The Suqqu Gankin Face Massage at Selfridges Exchange Square!


One treatment I have been meaning to try forever but haven’t had a chance to is the Suqqu Gankin face massage.  The massage is supposed to be quite hard – to the point where some have told me it can be uncomfortable especially around the jaw but then after – boom! You look brighter, tighter and tensions around the jaw have gone. Suqqu in Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square are offering a Gankin Massage using their […]

A little hello from me…


Hello Readers! I got back from my Honeymoon on Sunday and we’ve not had a second to breathe really, what with going back to work straight away and having so many odds and ends to sort out so I still have lots to do. To make things worse, Yuki Kitty is not feeling too good right now, she’s lost weight since we’ve been away and is looking a bit yellow rather than her usual healthy […]

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith – Lash Extension Treatment Review!


Regular readers will know that I have tried various lash extension treatments in the past so I am bit of a veteran at this kind of thing!   My overall pros and cons can be seen here and I would say that the finish you get completely depends on the skill of your lash tech.  For me, lashes can sometimes be overly heavy as people overestimate how much weight my lashes can take (even though they are […]

Waterless Cleansing: Bioderma Crealine Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution Cleanser Review


I mentioned before that life got really really really hectic this year, and there was a period when I was moving too (not so long ago) that I was literally living out of a suitcase…well, out of a Primark shopping bag with minimal beauty products.  In this time, my skin actually – amazingly – settled down a lot. Is it perfect? Nope.  I still have to work on preventing early wrinkles and uneven tones! But […]

Mini Haul: Top Shop Make Up, Sisters of the New Moon, Nail Polish and Cream Blush!


I never really shopped much in Top Shop but the last few weeks I’ve found them really useful for comfy clothes and bought some of my holiday essentials from there.  I also have a new admiration for the make up! I do quite like it, especially their polishes (I am currently wearing a Essie polish which costs £8 for my wedding day and it’s RUBBISH in comparison to Top Shop polishes, it barely lasted a […]



Hallo lovelies,  Last week me & Mr C got married and this week we are on our honeymoon – hello sun AND for the first time this year, a proper good rest!  As I am writing this, I am last minute packing (where are my clean underpants!!!)…as we didn’t get married in our home town we have had to unpack and repack in a short space of time.   I’ve scheduled some posts for this […]

E45 Body Moisturisers: Nourish & Restore, Silky Radiance, Touchably Smooth Review


Everyone has heard of good old E45 cream, the plain super moisturising thick cream for all kinds of sensitive skin; I have many a time complained about a skin ailment only to be told ‘Have you tried E45 for that?’.  Anyway, the E45 range is actually quite large and there are shampoos and body lotions too! I was sent 3 of them to try: Each of the body lotions do different things…

The Body Shop launches a All in One BB Cream!


Another day, another brand launches a BB cream… I don’t know why I feel kinda hopeful about this one.  The Body Shop’s All in One BB Cream contains ‘pigment filled capsules that burst when applied to the skin’.  It comes in 3 tones, light, medium and dark, and is supposed to provide 24 hour hydration to the skin. I feel like this one may be one of the lighter, airy BB creams around – we’ll […]

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