Bourjois Foundation Review No. 2! Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review!


Without even realising it, I have tried quite a few Bourjois foundations! I have tried: Bourjois Bio Detox, Flower Foundation, 123 Perfect, Mineral Matte, Sleep Effect…lots of them! I haven’t, until now, tried one of the best selling and most popular Bourjois bases – Healthy Mix! I purchased this when there was a 3 for 2 at […]

Bourjois Foundation Review No. 1: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation Review


Bourjois’s newest foundation release is 123 Perfect, which I happened to spot when I was last in Boots – I didn’t hear about it online which suggests it was released with very little fanfare! When it comes to high street/ drugstore level foundation, Bourjois is one of the few brands I would buy and use […]

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