Weekly Checkup & Thursday Giveaway: Win 1 of 10 GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pens!


How is everyone today? I have a very busy Thursday with various appointments, some important ones, some medical and finally ending with a haircut and hopefully a massive fajita. I am in one of those moods…people do not get in my way! How about a quick giveaway? I have 10 GOSH Intense Eye Liner Pens on offer.  There are 6 shades and you can pick one colour! I love liquid eyeliner! I still have to […]

How I ended up with 3 Diorskin Nude Foundations…shade comparison and review


Diorskin Nude is one of my top 3 foundations (my review here) – it’s glowy and easy to blend, it almost has a paint like texture to it because it dries fairly quickly on the face and leaves this pigmented stain (is that a good description?!) which I like! A lot. I’ve realised that I can’t substitute a long lasting foundation for a glowy one if if the long lasting one makes you look ‘dead’. […]

Benefit Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter looks SUNNY!


High Beam (pink), Moon Beam (gold) and now Sun Beam…could it be called anything else?! I like all the Benefit ‘beams’ but this is going to be my favourite I can tell!  It looks like a soft golden bronze on my skin will look like a highlighter that doesn’t look garish and on paler skin tones could look like a light bronze? We’ll see when it comes…. Love! This will cost £18.50 and is launched […]

Clinique Mascara Swap in Debenhams 14th – 20th May 2012


Clinique are doing a ‘Mascara Swap’ from the 14th – 20th May 2012 in Debenhams – bring in any old mascara of any brand and pick up a deluxe sample size of the following two mascaras – High Impact Mascara and High Lengths Mascara: I won’t be participating in this because: a. I just chucked away 24 tube of mascara (doing a clear out) so am a little peed off and b. I don’t even […]

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