Paul & Joe 2012 Summer Collection inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream


A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the main Shakespeare play we studies at College; know who I had to play? Puck. Only idiots play Puck. But I digress.  I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but Paul & Joe’s 2012 Summer Collection is too pretty not to share.  Also I have a big occasion coming up in the Summer and I am definitely going to invest in some of these products.  1. Shimmering Pressed […]

MAC Haul: Dazzleglass She-Zam & You Got The Look, Snowglobe Eyeshadows Warm


A few weeks ago I went to Cheshire Oaks, which is a “Outlet Village” – ie. there’s a load of discount stores in one place.  To be honest it was pretty rubbish because places like that always depends on the time of year and what the mainstream stores are getting rid off, plus, with there being so many sales on the high street, you don’t necessarily notice much of a discount.  So generally…it was a […]

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