Skinfood Foodtherapy Stick Perfume in 04 Green Tea, 03 Happy Vanilla, 05 Steam Milk Review!


A good few months ago I spotted these cute Skinfood fragrance sticks, which are also supposed to be ‘therapy’ scents.  I have a lot of love for solid perfumes because I find the scent softer than using a spray, and it’s also very easy to carry around. I purchased 3 of these scents, Green Tea which is calming for stressful days, Happy Vanilla which is calming and Steam Milk which has lavender in it gives […]

Coffret D’or Bright Up Rouge Creamy Long Lasting Lipstick Review and Swatches (RS-269)


Coffret D’or Bright Up Rouge Creamy Long Lasting Lipstick (a mouthful) is one of CD’s newest lip colour releases. This lip colour is a creamy liquid lipstick, with a very soft texture and is supposed to stay put on the lips.  I randomly chose RS-269 which is a warm rose – in hindsight I should’ve went for a cooler toned mauve rose (one of my favourite types of shades ever) but there you go, I […]

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