Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Silk Eyeshadow 3 & 15, Gloss D’Armani Long Lasting Wet Shine Pink 503 Review


Another Christmas present I got from Mr C was a rather impressive haul from Giorgio Armani; impressive because he went and chose a lip gloss for me and I am pretty hard to buy for (I had pretty much hinted about what shades of the Eyes to Kill I wanted in case he got me a really horrible colour). When you buy a few items from Armani they put it in a nice red gift […]

Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow Haul and Swatches No. 11: Frilly Lily


See the first full review of Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow here! Frilly Lilly is one of the pale glittery shades in the Color Intense range – it’s a icy white with quite a soft, pigmented texture. As you can see from the chunks of glitter on the case, it is very glittery but not to the point where it falls all over your face leaving you with a glitter cheek.

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