Favourite Brown Eyeliners: La Rose de Versailles Creer Beaute Brown Eyeliner Range!


I love black eyeliner – oh how I love deep dark black eyeliner. But I realised a few months ago that it is really easy to go overboard and look panda eyed in the day. I bought a number of brown eyeliners but I found that it was hard to find the right tone for me, and the right texture. I like dark browns that look brown rather than a slightly lighter black, as I […]

Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow Haul and Swatches No. 8: Poison Orchid


See the first full review of Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow here! Poison Orchid, so I am told is one of the more popular shades in the Too Faced Color Intense range!  It’s a mid toned purple which looks like a blackened purple in the pan. Purple is one of my favourite colours for the eyes in that, I know it suits me more than other shades, yet I still reach for green more often! […]

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