British Brands doing BB Cream: Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream SPF 15 Review


BB Creams, originally an Asian phenomenon have seriously taken over…well everything.  Lots of Western brands are now adding SPF to their tinted moisturisers and calling it a BB Cream launching their own versions of BB creams. In my opinion a true BB cream should be able to work as a foundation, concealer, SPF, moisturiser (if your skin isn’t too dry) and have skin healing properties (a lot of Asian brand offer a ‘whitening/brightening’ element too, […]

CK Re-launches Colour Cosmetic Brand….Again?!


Calvin Klein or CK Cosmetics have been round before, a few times in fact (remember their eye gloss?) but for some reason they never last long.  Now this spring sees the launch of CK One Color Cosmetics with over 130 products. Whenever I tried their old stuff I liked it, and their simple packaging and clean packaging always works for me – hopefully this time round the brand will be here to stay? Have you […]

Skinfood Foodtherapy Stick Perfume in 04 Green Tea, 03 Happy Vanilla, 05 Steam Milk Review!


A good few months ago I spotted these cute Skinfood fragrance sticks, which are also supposed to be ‘therapy’ scents.  I have a lot of love for solid perfumes because I find the scent softer than using a spray, and it’s also very easy to carry around. I purchased 3 of these scents, Green Tea which is calming for stressful days, Happy Vanilla which is calming and Steam Milk which has lavender in it gives […]

Coffret D’or Bright Up Rouge Creamy Long Lasting Lipstick Review and Swatches (RS-269)


Coffret D’or Bright Up Rouge Creamy Long Lasting Lipstick (a mouthful) is one of CD’s newest lip colour releases. This lip colour is a creamy liquid lipstick, with a very soft texture and is supposed to stay put on the lips.  I randomly chose RS-269 which is a warm rose – in hindsight I should’ve went for a cooler toned mauve rose (one of my favourite types of shades ever) but there you go, I […]

Whoops, Blog Sale Update, Stuff

Aloha! Sorry it’s been quiet on the blog of late! There are a few reasons for this.  Here’s a picture of a cat: 1) We are changing hosts – this always takes forever, and involves lots of messing about.  During this time it’s hard to post as you never know where it’ll end up.  Some comments from the last few days may be lost, sorry.  Connection may be a bit choppy as it switches over, […]

Little of bag of horrors: The Make Up Bag of Horrible Beauty Stuff


My friend, fellow blogger Charlotte at Lipglossiping sent me a parcel for my birthday last year…amazingly I didn’t immediately realise it was from her, I thought it was a PR who was clearing her cupboards out and had sent all the dregs she had left over gathering dust. After I got over my HORROR, I realised it was a joke…quite a clever one when you think about it, as Charlotte had gone into some pound […]

Canmake Powder Eyeliner Review and Swatches


I’ve been looking for a really good powder liner for a while; a friend of mine always uses one to tightline (I don’t because I find powder that close to my eyeball irritates it) and then she blends the black away into a really soft, flattering daytime look. Canmake released some gel pencil liners (review coming up) and 2 powder liners late last year. I am a complete sucker when it comes to eyeliners; I […]

Salon Review: The Best Facial Ever! at Perfect Skin London with Nataliya Robinson


I have mixed results when it comes to facials – not every single one suits me an I have had some treatments that have left with me burning red itchy skin for days, or ones that left me with little scars that have stayed for months.  Therefore I don’t always get that excited at the prospect of the treatment. That being said, I toddled along to North London a few weeks ago to see a […]

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