Goody Hoo! Gwdihw Nail Wizard and Night Owl Sleep Balm Review


In my day job I deal with a lot of unusual, long (18 characters plus) names and let me tell you, sometimes there are letters that just shouldn’t go together. Like, Z and Q.  Or X and K.  When I saw these super cute Gwdihw balms I did sit there fore a second and try to pronounce it phonetically. They say: Gwdih? pronounced “Goody Hoo” is the Welsh word for “owl” and also the brand […]

Essence Sun Club 100% Splash Proof Eye Pencil and Eyeliner Pen in 01 Ultra Black Review


When I was on holiday in Budapest, I picked up tons of cheap make up from the pharmacies over there.  One of the brands I saw was called Essence – I don’t think I’ve seen this brand in the UK before but I think it’s sold in Ireland and across Europe. It’s an English language brand and quite a funky young one (reminds me of Miss Sporty) and there’s a big variety of items, especially […]

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