Essence Nail Polish: Vampire’s Love Collection and Swatches


More Essence make up coming up! So when I was in Hungary I bought loads of random drugstore make up to test out.  This cheapy range, Essence had a new collection out at the time called Vampire’s Love, a few random items.  I thought the polishes looked ok so I bought all five from the collection: 01 Gold Old Buffy – Deep chocolate black with gold glitter 02 Into the dark – Dark blue with […]

Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow Haul and Swatches No. 2: Nice Stems! (Green)


See the first full review of Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow here! Next up in the Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Swatches is a very pretty spring/summer colour, Nice Stems! Nice Stems! is described as a ‘Golden Clover’ which just makes me think of the spreadable butter.  It’s a very fresh zingy wearable green which lots of shimmer: Can’t wear this alone. It needs some liner, it needs some definition.  This is the kind […]

Sex toy or Foot File? Bullet Pedi Pro Plus Review


I don’t think I’ll go for a fish pedicure again, so it’s just as well that I have some home pedicure goodies! Remember the Ped Egg (aka. Cheese Grater for feet?).  The new upgraded version is the Bullet Pedi Pro, the ‘electronic personal pedicure’ device from JML.  This is battery operated (oh-er) and has 2 speeds, as well as replaceable pads.  Like the previous version, the dead skin goes into the base of the machine […]

Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow Haul and Swatches No. 1: Enchanted Garden


I quite like Too Faced although as  brand, I feel like they’ve disappeared off my radar for quite a while. I just don’t seem to see the products on my favourite blogs very often, or in magazines so I don’t really know what their new launches are. I spotted a super pretty eyeshadow of theirs on ASOS called Cop-a-Teal, but it wasn’t on sale. Some eBaying led me to a seller who had the whole […]

Blog Sale 2012 Listing!

29th January Update: Sold items have been updated – some sales might fall through, if so the products will be passed on to the next person on the list! Thanks! The blog sale is on this page. Please read the terms and conditions and list your purchases with number, name, price and whether you are UK or INTERNATIONAL. Thankyou!

Blog Sale Reminder!


Hi Guys I am so glad we made it to Friday! Just a little reminder that the Blog Sale is going live tomorrow (Saturday 28th January) at 6pm UK (GMT) time. Many bargains to be had! Write it on a post it note: Have a nice weekend! x

Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist, Defining Creme and Holding Foam Review


Despite having a perm a YEAR AGO – yes a YEAR AGO that was supposed to grow out after 12 weeks, my perms is still very much alive and kicking. I find it really hard to cope with burly hair – I have come to realise my curly haired friends have to work at getting beautiful bouncy curls. For days when I can’t be straightening my hair, I need to keep the curls and as […]

Skinfood Fruit Drink Nail Polish Review and Swatches


Despite the fact I barely wear nail polish (no patience) I can’t stop collecting pretty ones! I saw these Skinfood Fruit Drink polishes a while ago on eBay…they were a bargain price so I purchased 3 colours. They don’t smell like fruit or anything like that, they just have a fruity inspired colours. Here are the three shades: 04 – Lychee Drink 07 – Raspberry Drink 03 – Grapefruit Drink

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