Haul: Paul & Joe Self Select Eye Color Eyeshadow Swatches and Palette!


I am not above hauling some Paul & Joe, and since they are quite expensive, I am most definitely up for some bargains. Best place to find cheap Paul & Joe eyeshadows?  eBay! I paid about £7 each for each eyeshadow (which is about half price) and £6 for 2 empty palettes. I wanted to do a brown combo palette and a pink one.  There’s a space left in my pink palette because I have […]

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo B Blue Horizon Collection; Smooth Sailing, Fathom, Depth Swatches and Review


Slowly but surely, Paul & Joe have been rehauling their make up.  They haven’t changed the actual exterior packaging (good) but they’ve been swapping over their eyeshadows, lipsticks, face products for some time. Their classic eye glosses, which were so good and unique to Paul & Joe have changed to the Eye Gloss Duos…. They say: Inspired by the summer sun and the ocean, these eye colours let you create a range of beautiful looks. […]

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