Products I started using this week! Decleor, Dr Organics, Schwarzkopf Senea, E45 Junior


I have a lot of products hanging around (not complaining) and I do try hard to finish products before I open new ones!  The products I get through quickly (in this order) are: Hair Conditioner, Shampoo, Shower Gel, Eye Make Up Remover, Face Cleanser and then the rest. Sometimes though I get bored, or distracted, or something just doesn’t seem to suit me in which case I always pass it on to someone else. This […]

Hairmare – why you don’t just randomly pop into a hairdressers – The Hairworks Manchester Review


You know the people who keep messing with their hair, dyeing is random colours then removing it again, getting a fringe when they didn’t really want one, trying out hair techniques that should’ve stayed in the 80s (aka. The Perm?).  That is me. A week before my holiday I decided that the mop was a mop and I needed a quick trim.  Not wanting to spend a fortune on a simple trim, I walked past a […]

Benefit Hervana, New False Lashes Range and upcoming products!


Benefit’s newest powder, Hervana will be officially launched towards the end of January in the UK. There as a flash sale in the US (on Sephora) earlier this week and possibly one in the UK (will keep you informed!). I am really looking forward to this one because the colours are purpley-pink-berries, so different from the other box powders. Also, Benefit now has their own range of lashes – I didn’t realise this!…

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