Putting the perfect brown palette together! Mary Quant Eye Opener Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!


I have already showed you my Mary Quant palette which took much planning. On my last trip to London I went to the Mary Quant shop again, with a plan to put together a palette of neutrals and browns! I bought 8 in total and a case: I had semi planned this in my head by looking at the website colours but once I got there, it was much easier to swatch and decide what would […]

Blog Birthday, My Birthday, Pearls of Wisdom


You know I have been so busy this year that I completely missed the blog’s 4th birthday, which was on October 3rd. I can’t believe it’s been four years since I started blogging. Things have changed a lot for beauty blogging, but I still like to keep it simple.  I also still have lots to say but hope to try different things with it soon.  When I have more time! It’s also my birthday today. […]

Emergency On The Go Beauty Kit! What is yours?


Earlier this week I had a killer busy day, one of those where you’re booked up with appointments from 8 in the morning til 9pm at night. I love it, although in my experience, by the end of the day I am a sweaty, greasy, fumbling hot mess.  Indeed, following directions and getting around is not my forte. But this time I wanted to be prepared for the inevitable getting sweaty and lost!  Without carrying […]

Lips of the Day: By Terry Gloss Terrybly Shine Hydra Lift Lip Lacquer in 02 Honeymoon Kiss


Lips of the day time! You know – I just love lipsticks and lip glosses but when you have so many, it’s hard to find something that is really lovely and impressive.  Also the prices of lip products have seemed to soar, even high street brands like L’oreal are pushing £10 for a basic lipstick! By Terrys Gloss Terrybly (geddit?) Shine is a plumping, shiny lip gloss.  It is firming, anti-aging and moisturises too: It […]

Weird but wonderful! Decleor Paris Aroma Cleanser Exfoliating Cream Review


I wrote about a Decleor facial I had a few weeks ago which was just divine!  Since then I’ve been playing with more Decleor products and one of my favourites is their Exfoliating Cream. I have been told time and time again that I need to exfoliate better (eek) but I am quite lazy with it and my skin is sensitive. Fiona Brackenbury, of Decleor did tell me not to use grainy exfoliators if possible […]

Lip Gritter Top Coat?! Candy Doll Gelato Glitter Lip Gloss Review and Swatches


I love glittery lip gloss; I really do. I do love the MAC dazzleglass lipglosses, for full on disco. I have yet to find a glittery lip gloss that can surpass Dior’s Limited Edition sparkle top coat though (Image here). It was super duper gritty though! Enter Candydoll’s top coat offering; this lip gloss is a called Gelato ‘Gritter’ (really) but they actually mean, Glitter…. Gelato Glitter is a sheer light pink with multi coloured […]

All in one blush set! Kose Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek Review


Cosmagic is a rather quirky little brand from Japan.  Without realising, I have actually tried quite a few of their products, like their measurable mascara, glitter eyeliner and eyebrow pencil! My latest haul is their Sweet Deco Cheek Blusher which comes in 2 variations; Strawberry Pink and Peach Pink.  I chose Peach Pink: This cute blusher comes with lots of bits and pieces, so to speak!

Etude House Pink Sweet Candy Solid Perfume Compact Review


Purely because it was very cute, I had to purchase this Etude House Pink Candy Sweet Candy Solid Perfume! What is your opinion on solid perfumes? They remind me of being a kid, to be honest, but I find them quite handy and easy to top up.  I like Pacifica ones especially! Anyway this Etude House solid perfume is called Pink Candy so you can guess what it’s like! It is presented like a lolly; […]

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