New Mascara Time! Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara Review


I am somewhat at a mascara-dead-zone at the moment.  My lashes aren’t behaving of late, they are super duper straight, and all the mascaras I’ve been using are not holding curl.  It’s so annoying seeing the lashes nicely curled then flop as a single layer of the black stuff is applied; it’s like erectile dysfunction but for the lashes. So I have been discovering new mascaras again! I don’t fancy anther lash perm, because as […]

Keep your make up brushes clean! Baviphat Magic Girls Brush Cleaner


Have you seen my make up brush collection? And how I stored it (for a while?!).  It’s quite immense.  I don’t usually wash them all at the same time, I do just a couple at a time every 2 weeks or so (especially base brushes).  I see all kinds of cleansers, soap, shampoo, alcohol.I don’t think you have to be that strict about it as long as the brush is clean and the product isn’t […]

Benefit Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Highlighter for the Face Review!


This rather cute highlighter from Benefit landed on my doorstep (or floor…I don’t actually have a door step) a few weeks ago.  My first thought was – CUTE!, followed by, What is it?, followed by, where did I put my phone? Watt’s Up! is a highlighter stick, and the latest addition to the highlighter loving range of Benefit. Other highlighters in the range include the classic High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl (I have reviewed […]

ByTerry Cover Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation Ultra Correcting Coverage Review


If there’s one thing I really love testing it’s foundation! Cheap or expensive, thick or runny – I love the prospect of possibly finding the foundations – to rule them all. Now this foundation I have had for quite a while, so I guess I’ve given it a good test throughout winter and spring!  It is one hell of a name: ByTerry Cover Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation Ultra Correcting Coverage Flawless Velvet Radiance. Ok?! Remember that?! […]

Apples and Pears, Apple and Pears: Skinfood Soothing Pear Body Gel Review


I lied to you, there are no apples in this body gel from Skinfood; it is all pears. As I write this I am dreaming about a pear tart with some chocolate on top. Yum! Pears are nice I think, especially squishy ones and it’s a very inoffensive scent, one that I am quite fond of really. Skinfood has a selection of Body Gels, in other unusual flavours like Quinoa! I am really lazy when […]

Salon Waxing at home? Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit Review, My Hairy legs and Pre Launch at Boots!


Veet’s newest invention is the EasyWax Electrical Roll-on Kit, a heat up roll on wax dispenser type contraption, that evenly spreads the product over your hairy bits so they are easy to wax. Ta da! I like every kind of gadget, even more so beauty ones and although I am not a big waxer (not that hairy…or at least that’s what the gorilla told me)but I do a lot of waxing for the hairy ladies […]

Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailles Antoinette Cute & Lovely Eyes Brown Eye liner review


Creer Beaute, like SANA, is one of those Japanese brands that seems to produce lots of little sub ranges and varied, interesting products.  La Rose de Versailles is one of their ranges and I believe there are 2 characters, Oscar (scary looking lady) and Antoinette (more angelic looking lady).  I believe the Antoinette shades are usually brown and the Oscar colours and black. I have tried their Gel Liners before and they’re pretty good, if […]

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation & Concealer Compact Foundation Review


I’ve heard many a good thing about Guerlain’s Lingerie De Peau liquid foundation, so was excited to try their Lingerie De Peau Compact Foundation which is the carry round, quick use base. I do have a thing for compact foundations, as you may have noticed; I love on the go products.  This palette is quite unique because it has a base and also a concealer in a thin strip (as you will see) in one […]

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