KATE Wide Edge Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches – PU-1 and BR-2!


Japanese eyeshadows, especially high street/drugstore level brands usually come in palettes with a particular colour theme (ie. browns or purples etc.) and come with a selection of shades from light to dark – very handy.  They also tend to be sheer and shimmery although some palettes pack a real punch, the majority are wearable daytime […]

Tony Moly Neon Nail Polish in NE02 Bright Orange Swatch


Another Tony Moly Nail Polish! They have yet another small series of colours called neon, which consists of a neon pink, neon blue and this neon orange/coral. I love a tacky neon polish! This orange is no where near as bright as I expected though! It isn’t muted, don’t get me wrong! But it isn’t […]

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