Benefit Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Highlighter for the Face Review!


This rather cute highlighter from Benefit landed on my doorstep (or floor…I don’t actually have a door step) a few weeks ago.  My first thought was – CUTE!, followed by, What is it?, followed by, where did I put my phone? Watt’s Up! is a highlighter stick, and the latest addition to the highlighter loving range of Benefit. Other highlighters in the range include the classic High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl (I have reviewed […]

ByTerry Cover Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation Ultra Correcting Coverage Review


If there’s one thing I really love testing it’s foundation! Cheap or expensive, thick or runny – I love the prospect of possibly finding the foundations – to rule them all. Now this foundation I have had for quite a while, so I guess I’ve given it a good test throughout winter and spring!  It is one hell of a name: ByTerry Cover Expert Perfecting Fluid Foundation Ultra Correcting Coverage Flawless Velvet Radiance. Ok?! Remember that?! […]

Apples and Pears, Apple and Pears: Skinfood Soothing Pear Body Gel Review


I lied to you, there are no apples in this body gel from Skinfood; it is all pears. As I write this I am dreaming about a pear tart with some chocolate on top. Yum! Pears are nice I think, especially squishy ones and it’s a very inoffensive scent, one that I am quite fond of really. Skinfood has a selection of Body Gels, in other unusual flavours like Quinoa! I am really lazy when […]

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