Weird but wonderful! Decleor Paris Aroma Cleanser Exfoliating Cream Review


I wrote about a Decleor facial I had a few weeks ago which was just divine!  Since then I’ve been playing with more Decleor products and one of my favourites is their Exfoliating Cream. I have been told time and time again that I need to exfoliate better (eek) but I am quite lazy with it and my skin is sensitive. Fiona Brackenbury, of Decleor did tell me not to use grainy exfoliators if possible […]

Lip Gritter Top Coat?! Candy Doll Gelato Glitter Lip Gloss Review and Swatches


I love glittery lip gloss; I really do. I do love the MAC dazzleglass lipglosses, for full on disco. I have yet to find a glittery lip gloss that can surpass Dior’s Limited Edition sparkle top coat though (Image here). It was super duper gritty though! Enter Candydoll’s top coat offering; this lip gloss is a called Gelato ‘Gritter’ (really) but they actually mean, Glitter…. Gelato Glitter is a sheer light pink with multi coloured […]

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