Nars The Multiple in G-Spot and The Multiple Laguna Swatches and Review


Did I ever tell you I collect Nars Multiples?  Check out the tags to see my other swatches!  And here is my home made Nars Multiple palette! Nars multiples are not without problems; they can be a bit oily, they used to give me spots, and they are pretty expensive at £29 each. I recently hauled G-Spot (that name!) from the counter, purely because it felt like a while since Nars released a decent multiple […]

Nars Trio Eyeshadow in Arabian Nights (Purple Black Sparkles!) Swatches, Review


Before I went away a few weeks ago, I paid a visit to the Nars counter.  The second I saw their new trio (Limited Edition) Arabian Nights my heart went BOOM CHICKA BOOM BOOM. Because it had a few elements I really love when it comes to make up. Black – Check. Glitters – Check.  Soft Textures – Check. Only when I got home did I think, huh – how do I use this wildly […]

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