Matchy, Matchy! Mary Quant Lipstick and Nail Polish matching sets! In P-07 Angel Cake


On my last trip down to London, I visited the Mary Quant shop where I spotted the matching lipstick and nail polishes! Now – not every lipstick (there are about 36 shades) has a matching polish but a lot of them do.  That means you can get all matchy-matchy, if you want! I won’t lie […]

Peripera Nail Polish ‘Perfume Enamel’ of the Day No.11: P041 Sparkle Aqua


Peripera released 4 glitter shades in blue, green-blue, pink and gold for the Autumn 2011 season. I have Sparkle Aqua P014 here: Love glitter polishes but can’t bear to take them off. It goes right through me, the scraping of the name….eeek.

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