Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Collection; Body & Handwash Review


Let me make a guilty Beauty Blogger confession. I don’t own anything from Jo Malone. I don’t actually know much about Jo Malone.  I walk past their counters now and then, all the uniform bottles neatly aligned side by side but am too scared to go over and have a sniff.  I feel like it’s the kind of counter I’d go to if I was choosing a wedding perfume, or one of those, ‘once in […]

Kalis Skincare Bounce Back Stretchmark Toning Body Cream Review


Yes, a Stretchmark cream review! No I don’t have any big announcements to make although all around me babies are appearing left, right and centre; rather, I’ve noticed a lot of mum-to-be products (although this isn’t specifically a MTB cream) work brilliantly regardless of whether you have a bun in the oven or not. Kalis is a range manufactured in Italy and the brains behind the brand is Dr Fabio Brunetta.  You can read about […]

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