Holika Holika UV Magic Shield Eye Brightening Sun SPF50 Eye Stick Review


Now this is an interesting product! Holika Holika’s UV Magic Shield Stick is a Eye Brightening SPF stick.  It is supposed to brighten, of course, and provide a whopping SPF50 is sun protection.  Sounds like a good idea to me – if the sun is the cause of mucho ageing then it’s a good idea to keep the eye area protected. Here it is – only 18g but it’ll last: Do you use SPF around […]

Because I just can’t buy one: Paul & Joe Make Up Brushes Pinceau Review!


eBay is a really good place to get some make up brush bargains PROVIDED that you know what you are looking for and use trusted sellers with good feedback. You can get good discounts but obviously be sensible – no one is selling a full range of MAC brushes for £9.99! I purchase these Paul & Joe Brushes from eBay for an average of £10 each. Not bad huh! They retail for a lot more. […]

Super Natural Eyeshadow! KATE Select Eye Colours Shiny Selection in Nudy Brown Swatches


Thought I’d share with you one of my recent purchases; KATE Select Eye Colours Shiny Selection in Nudy Brown! KATE releases a few limited edition Select Eye Colours every year – the year before there was a grey and brown set.  This Shiny Selection is actually a year old but I spotted them on sale again on Adambeauty.  It goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to rush and buy LE items, they can […]

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