What’s your beauty minimum?


Ladies, ladies…. I ahve so many posts in mind, I have videos, I have a new shop, I have other blogs…I have all these ideas but I have absolutely no……energy: I am completely exhausted although to be fair to my body, it’s used to it and can cope now under minimal sleep. Still…it’s not ideal. When I am busy (and I am sure this is the case for a lot of you too) I have […]

Want sparkly legs?! Naris Up Be Body Leg Mousse Mote-Ashi Massager Review


You know I find the strangest things to review sometimes…. This Naris Up Be Body Attractive Leg Mousse is a massage lotion that refreshes the legs. It can help with tiredness, discomfort, and it contains grapefruit and menthol to refresh.  There’s a sparkly pearl in this to leave your legs…well sparkly, and it hydrates a tiny bit. It comes in a can like this: Oh yes, I do get horribly sore legs sometimes.  If you’re […]

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