OUCH! Sexylook Byebye Blackhead Removal and Pore Cleanser Kit Review


This extremely random kit is from Taiwan and is a pore cleanser and blackhead removal kit.  These kits are extremely popular in Asia – I have purchased quite a few 3 pieces sets that have a sebum softener, a mask and finishing essence that tightens the pores. This one is from a brand called Sexylook and features strawberries! Why?! THe blackhead look is known as the ‘strawberry nose’. This 3 piece set contains a sebum […]

Unrelated beauty rant: The Manchester Metrolink Tram Service are possibly the worst public transport service, EVER


Look away if you don’t like reading random rants about random stuff.  Because today I am talking about dreaded public transport. Oh yes. No matter where you are in the world, I am sure you have your brushes with overpriced, under performing public transport. For me it’s a tram system called the Metrolink. Public Transport out of London generally sucks.  Oh Londoners, I know you want to say the Tube smells, and it’s busy, and […]

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