Avon and Refuge launch the 1 in 4 women campaign


Avon and Refuge have been working together to launch the 1in4 women campaign, which calls on women to learn and recognise the signs of domestic violence and help a loved on who might be suffering now, or in the future. They say: With only 16% of women reporting incidents to the police, the majority of domestic violence is suffered in silence.  We hope to empower women with the skills to help make this stop.  But […]

Krispy Kreme makes Glamour doughnuts!


There’s always time for doughnut talk, and these two limited edition doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and Glamour, released in line with London Fashion Week are fruity and sparkly like lip gloss! One is Strawberry Glaze, one is Orange Glaze – these would make cute lip gloss, blush or nail polish colours, no!? One Glamour Glaze doughnut costs £1.35, and will form part of The Classic Assorted Dozen (£9.45 for 12) or Your Favourites Assorted Dozen […]

Elemis Spa @ Home Body Soothing Collection; Temple Balm, Foot Cream and Room Mist


Elemis’s Spa@Home range is a bodycare range that is supposed to bring the Spa feeling to your…home.  Obviously. There’s 5 categories of products, Body Exotics, Body Soothing, Body Awaken, Body Performance and Body Anti-Ageing.  I’ve been trying out various products from the range for a few days and seriously, I’ve realised I do not have the right kind of bathroom to use these lovely products.  There’s hair on the floor and the sink gets blocked […]

Yardley Orange Blossom and April Violets Body Spray Review


Does anyone else work somewhere with some really funky temperature issues? One office I worked in never had any fresh air – it was hot and sticky or freezing cold. Another office I worked in, I was sat facing the air conditioner blasting into my face, and another place is cold, then hot, then cold, then sticky. Urgh. My point is, when the temperature is up and down, it really plays with your body!  There […]

The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll On Coconut and Orange Review


The Body Shop Lip Roll On is a fairly new release, and is a ‘natural’, oil base lip product – it’s a lip moisturiser, a lip gloss, it’s all sorts of multi tasking usefulness-ness. It comes in 5 flavours, Berry, Coconut, Orange, Rose and Mint. I was sent 2 flavours to try, Coconut and Orange and you get 10ml per roll on: Roll on lip balms aren’t new but they aren’t that common either.  I […]

Is it perfect? Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation SPF 15 Review (All Day Flawless Optimal Moisture)


I love foundation and I love finding a good foundation because when I have smooth, clear, dewy skin, I can live without any other kind of make up.  I have quite a big collection of foundations now, and I definitely have different uses for each one depending on the finish I want and how my skin is feeling! Shiseido’s Perfect Refining Foundation SPF15 is the newest (although not new!) base from the range.  This is […]

Strange Beauty Product of the Week! Chu! Lip Softening Steam Sheets


One of the best things I learned in Chizu Saeki’s The Japanese Skincare Revolution (review here) was a lip hydrating treatment, where you apply natural honey to the lips, then stick some cling film on top.  Leave for around 15 minutes and you end up with super soft, slightly sticky lips.  The point is the cling film on top of the lips really help work the product into the lips! So I thought this beauty […]

Tesshu Collection Make Up Brushes: Eye Shadow Brush & Shadow Under Liner Brush


I have reviewed Tesshu or Tesshyu brushes before and found them to be gorgeous, a real investment. A few months go I invested in the non portable versions of their brushes, the Shadow Under Liner Brush (for under the eyes and also great for tight lining) and Eye Shadow Brush Large: The brushes come in plastic packaging – quite swish really! They are blue handled – there is also a more expensive red handle range.

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