Tesshu Collection Make Up Brushes: Eye Shadow Brush & Shadow Under Liner Brush


I have reviewed Tesshu or Tesshyu brushes before and found them to be gorgeous, a real investment. A few months go I invested in the non portable versions of their brushes, the Shadow Under Liner Brush (for under the eyes and also great for tight lining) and Eye Shadow Brush Large: The brushes come in plastic packaging – quite swish really! They are blue handled – there is also a more expensive red handle range.

Current Skincare Routine: Environ Aquatrol, Cleansing Cream AVST, Rad and Eye Gel


It’s time for a skincare update ladies! For the past few months I have been using a skincare range called Environ. It’s a salon only brand and it is only sold to customers after a consultation because the products are quite potent. I was sent a whole set of skincare to try after a consultation at my local stockists: Aquatrol – a oil based make up remover/pre cleanser. Cleansing Cream, AVST Moisturising Toner, AVST 1 […]

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