Frugal Friday: What are you reading?


It’s time for another Frugal Friday and this time…let’s talk about other things to do other than: A. Buy make up B. Think about buying make up, and C. Writing up lists of make up to buy. Reading! I love reading although I don’t have much time for it anymore. I have a massive book collection – gathered from my childhood, University days and current interests.  I don’t see books as a luxury purchase at […]

No. 6 MUA Professional Eyeshadow Heaven and Earth – Swatches and Review


Yes I saved the best for last. Heaven & Earth is the brown toned palette from MUA Professional (and I am into browns at the moment!).  It’s a great palette – a mixture of warm and a few cooler browns, beige, golds – lovely. Is it like Urban Decay’s Naked palette, I hear you cry?! Well have a look here, you tell me!

No. 4 MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palette Starry Night – Swatches and Review


Another palette I instantly knew I would like from MUA professional was Starry Night! This is similar (or closest to) Sleek’s Storm palette, but more wearable thanks to the purples, greys and lighter shimmers. Did I tell you I currently have an obsession with pink eyeshadow? I like how they provide different shades, like the silver, blue, purple, pink to mix it up a bit…

No. 3 MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palette Pretty Pastels – Swatches and Review


Next up is the MUA Professional Palette in Pretty Pastels: Hands up right away! My least favourite.  I just don’t like pastels that much.  Some people do, especially those who like natural colours.  I just find this palette quite samey and soft – but it IS pastels! It is delivering what one would expect!

No. 2 MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palette Poptastic – Swatches and Review


Next up on this MUA palette day (hehe) is Poptastic.  This is the brights one – full of blues, pinks, yellow and orange. This is the sort of palette I usually jump for but in my old age (ahem) I am really loving more neutral shades.  Nevertheless, there’s always room for some brights.   Once again like the palette I reviewed earlier, the shades are sort of random. Yes, there are lots of blues but […]

No. 1 MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palette Glitter Ball – Swatches and Review


I recently got the whole set of MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palettes in the post.  There are six palettes to choose from, and each comes with 12 colours.  They are similar to Sleek I-Divine Palettes and are just £4 each from Superdrug. I have so many photos I have decided to split each palette into it’s own post. Come back at the end of the day to see all 6 palettes in action! First up I […]

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