Tisserand Remedy Rollerball Review in Sleep, De-Stress, Energise, Head Clear & Diet Aid


I am all for aromatherapy and I am all for convinence. So when I got this lovely selection of Tisserand Remedy Rollerballs I was kind of excited – for one one thing, I think I could do with some improvement in all five of the following areas; Sleep, De-Stress, Energise, Head Clear and Diet Aid! Tisserand specialises in aromatherapy and skin, body and hair care – these rollerballs are handbag sized blends of essential oils, […]

Wakey Wakey! Rohto Z! Pro Refreshing Eye Drops Level 10 Minty Review!


Monday morning, yawnnnn! Happy August by the way. Can you believe it? The last 3 months have blasted past for me and I can’t believe we have just 5 more months until 2012. Anyway are you still feeling sleepy? Wipe your crusty eyes as I present to you one of my recent eye drop purchases; Rohto’s Z! Pro eye drops LEVEL 10!!! These are not my first Rohto eye drops (I also like their eye […]

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