Friday Chit Chat: How does your man deal with the make up in your life?


“Her eye make up is terrible…it clashes with her blusher.” …..said Mr C at the TV, the other day. That’s right. How does a man with no interest in beauty and has never bought anything other than some basic moisturiser and a bar of soap suddenly become so judgemental about blue eyeshadow and orange blusher? BECAUSE HE’S WITH A MAKE UP ADDICT LIKE ME DAY IN DAY OUT, THAT’S WHY! Which made me think about […]

The Body Shop Lip Roll On Lip Oil 100% Natural Kiss of Moisture!

You know I have an obsession for all kinds of lip care product so I squealed when I saw these rather clever new Lip Roll On’s from The Body Shop! This is a lip oil – they aren’t calling it a lip balm or a lip gloss although admittedly it could be all three.  They claim the product is non waxy and non sticky (but it will be, er, oily) and is available from July […]

Kate Brown Collection Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Set Review & Swatches


Recently I’ve been in ‘boring eyeshadow mode’. What do I mean by boring eyeshadow mode? Well, for me, it’s browns, mattes, nudes. As much as I love me peacock type colours there’s a time and a place or everything and I’ve grown to appreciate the natural glowy look. I purchased two eyeshadow palettes from Kanebo’s Kate range a few months ago: These are what I’d call, ideal work place eyeshadow palettes.

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