Best Brow Product, Ever! Skinfood Eggplant (Aubergine!) Eyebrow Gel Mascara & Fixer Review


If you ask me, the name Aubergine is far more apt for the purple vegetable than Eggplant. After all, it’s got nothing to do with eggs. Nevertheless, Skinfood’s product names tend to err more on the side of the transatlantic so for the purposes of this review, this is Skinfood’s Eggplant Eyebrow Gel Mascara & Fixer. See how the ends look like breasts eggplants? This 2 step eyebrow product is supposed to last for 24 […]

Spritz in Summer: Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Moisture in Lavender Review


A few months ago I had a bit of a fad for Lavender.  Truth is, I’ve always disliked Lavender, then people kept telling me how it would be good for my sensitive skin, and how relaxing it was…so I bought a number of products scented by the purple flower. Jill Stuart’s Fruit & Aroma Mist Moisture is one of the items I indulged in.  I have a ton of face mists and really, do I […]

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