Etude House Pure Joy Calming Toner For Sensitive Skin Review


Toner is one of those skincare products I actually pay little attention to, but I actually have a few favourites that I alternate (such as Elemis Lavender and Eborian Herbal Moisture Lotion). I prefer something non sticky and it absolutely has to be ok for my sensitive skin type.  I spotted Etude House’s Pure Joy Calming Toner on eBay.  Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what ingredients are in my Asian beauty products […]

Dry Hair Solution! Etude House Moist Hair Mist Review!


I keep dabbling with Asian hair care and styling products, and I have to say overall I am impressed.  Most of the Korean and Japanese hair care I have tried so far tends to be quite light finish – in other words, no crunchies, and no flakies. I bought this Etude House Moist Hair Mist because I am suitably frizzy and dry around the barnet area.  I figured this could be one of those top […]

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