B&C Labs Tsururi Ghassoul and Andes Salt Scrub Paste Review


The B&C Labs Tsururi range focuses on blackhead and pore care.  They have some brilliant products like the Charcoal Soap (which I will do a tutorial on at some point) and a blackhead cleanser (which I sell on Cosmetic Candy Shop!). I purchased one of their newest releases, Tsururi Ghassoul and Andes Salt Scrub Paste. This product promises to clear the pores, remove dirt and leave you with bright skin.  The paste, scrub, face wash […]

Another facial oil! Kosmea Skin Clinic Rose Hip Oil Review


I have been testing so many facial oils lately – they seem to be the new hot thing – and I have to say I am a generally a fan. I actually picked up this Kosmea Rose Hip Oil as a free sample and cracked it open to use when I wanted to do a light facial massage before bedtime. I’ve noticed there are a lot of products around at the moment that contain Rose […]

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