Doing the Prom Make Up: The result!


A few days ago I mentioned that I had been forced to do my cousin’s prom make up – so in the end she had her hair done at a hairdressers called Adrian Wilde. It took about 10 minutes but cost a fortune and personally I felt the finish could’ve been smoother, and her hair was almost grey from the sheer amount of hairspray used. Surely grips, not an entire 500ml can of hairspray is […]

Frugal Friday: Do you ever try to get a beauty bargain?


Watching The Apprentice and Four Rooms (LOVE!) has made me question my own negotiating skills and ability to spot a bargain.  We all watch the contestants thinking they’re plebs, but when you’re actually put into a highly stressful situation, maybe it’s not always that easy… Having said that I’ve come to realise I love a bargain and/or special offer! There’s a part of me that is hugely British and hates trying to get ‘a deal’ […]

Friday Competition – Win a £200 Gift Voucher with NEOM Luxury Organics


Don’t say I don’t spoil you, because today I have a rather exciting competition for you! NEOM, a luxury organic home scenting & beauty brand is offering my lovely readers win an online shopping spree worth £200! I have a NEOM  candle and with my hand on heart, it is the nicest candle I have ever owned. It makes your entire house smell divine.

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