Summer time smelly! Deodorant Reviews, Deo Sherbet Bar and 8×4 Roll On Review


Smelly situations occur anywhere, anytime. I was recently in London on a tube and was amazed by the amount of stinky pits around me.  I was in the post office and a duo extremely, extremely stinky walked in and stunk the whole place out.  I was on a tram a very stinky person sat near by – it was a horrific smell, like rotting meat. And all I could do was hold my breath! But […]

Tired, achy legs? SANA Esteny The Massage Cool For Leg Review


SANA makes some really interesting skincare! And their body care stuff is fun too – they have stuff like super hot body scrub (it’s like rubbing chilli on your body) and tingly lotions. I like to torture myself so I bought their newest leg cream-gel thing, which is from the Esteny range. It’s called The Massage Cool for Leg – this is very much to get tired legs nice and hydrated and gives it a […]

Waxing for dummies: Veet Easy Grip Ready to Use Wax Strips Review


Maybe ‘dummies’ is a little harsh, but let’s face it, some people are better than waxing than others. Me – I am about as unprofessional as they get. I stick it on and rip it off, then deal with the ingrown hair later.  I am getting really interested in trying different hair removal methods though, as long as they don’t involve too much pain.  More on that later. So here I am with Veet’s newer […]

Speed Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Olive Cleansing Oil Review


There should be a drinking game where people have to consume as much alcohol as possible and the last person still able to say “Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Olive Cleansing Oil Review” gets £50. Well, I am officially a cleanser hoarder, and a few months ago purchased this Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Olive Cleansing Oil. Hada Labo is a drug store, high street, whatever you want to call it skincare brand […]

Frugal Friday: Confession Time – last five beauty purchases?


So I haven’t been a very good girl lately – call it life stress.  When life stress occurs I need a bit of escape and nothing is perkier than a sweet little package of beauty products…which stay in the envelope for a few weeks until I have time to open them, but still, that’s beside the point! Thought I’d attend confession today and share with you my last 5 beauty purchases.  I noticed that all […]

Move over Kermit: Naris Up Frogtime Moisture Veil Mist Review


If I were thinking of the name of a skincare product, which had to have the word, ‘time’ in it, I’d think of a few things, like ‘Peachy-time’ or ‘Lovely-time’ but it wouldn’t really occur to me to call it Frogtime. But that’s why I love Japanese beauty products and their zany names!  Naris Up’s Frogtime range consists of only a few products such as this moisture mist and some sun screen. It could be […]

Salon Visit: John Carne Knightsbridge Hair Cut and Igora Vibrance Colour Review


It came to that time again, where my hair could be mistaken for a mop, so off I hopped to a John Carne Hair Salon located in Knightsbridge (a stone’s throw from Harrods).  It was in a great location – even I could find it. The salon’s interior is very chic and minimalist, but despite this feels very friendly and welcoming.  I was booked in with the lovely Ellie, for a cut and colour using […]

Creer Beaute La Rose Versailles Antoinette Gel Eyeliner (Dark Brown) Review


Desipte being a very popular brand in Japan, this is the first time I have bought a product from the Creer Beaute range! Creer Beaute has a very strong brand image, with the sort of Japanese anime style character but western (blonde hair, blue eyes) in a French revolution type style!  I believe the characters are called Marie Antoinette and Oscar! This liner has the Marie Antoinette character on – like a few Japanese ranges […]

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