Super Funky Lipstick! Anna Sui Lip Rouge V and D! Swatches and Review


A few months ago I purchased a load of goodies from Anna Sui – such a pretty make up range but quite hard to purchase over here in the UK. I bought 2 of the lipsticks.  Anna Sui Lipsticks come in various textures, indicated in the name, as a lot of Japanese brands tend to do. So you have: Lip Rouge D – Dazzle (very sparkly and sheer) Lip Rouge G – Glossy (rich glossy […]

What’s a Fog Bar? Shiseido Uno Fog Bar Hair Spray Review


I’ve seen Shiseido’s Fog Bar product around forever but have never bought it because…well, what’s a Fog Bar? How could and why would a product be called a Fog Bar? Why? Why? Je Ne Pas Comprende (go ahead, correct me). This Fog Bar comes in pink, it’s for girls and it comes with a PINK SATIN SCRUNCHIE. My life is complete: I believe, quite strongly that no one apart from a 9 year old ballerina […]

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