Summer time smelly! Deodorant Reviews, Deo Sherbet Bar and 8×4 Roll On Review


Smelly situations occur anywhere, anytime. I was recently in London on a tube and was amazed by the amount of stinky pits around me.  I was in the post office and a duo extremely, extremely stinky walked in and stunk the whole place out.  I was on a tram a very stinky person sat near by – it was a horrific smell, like rotting meat. And all I could do was hold my breath! But […]

Tired, achy legs? SANA Esteny The Massage Cool For Leg Review


SANA makes some really interesting skincare! And their body care stuff is fun too – they have stuff like super hot body scrub (it’s like rubbing chilli on your body) and tingly lotions. I like to torture myself so I bought their newest leg cream-gel thing, which is from the Esteny range. It’s called The Massage Cool for Leg – this is very much to get tired legs nice and hydrated and gives it a […]

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