A little skincare routine update: Origins Dr Weil and Planscription False Start!


I already declared my love for the SkinCeutials skincare range but I must take a quick interlude to tell you that I took a break from it to try out a well known range – Dr Andrew Weil (Face lotion and face cream) which is for sensitive skin and the very famous Plantscription which is an anti aging serum. I believe the serum is really aimed at people in their late 30s+ so I am […]

Kinda cute and handy: MAD Beauty Cocktail Manicure Set


I don’t know about you but I am always losing things, usually in this order: 1. Tweezers 2. Scissors 3. Nail Clippers 4. Pound Coins 5. Small Children. I seem to have accumulated so many tweezers and nail clippers over the years but you know what – one day when I die and people clear out my belongings there’s going to be a giant stash there behind the TV. Silly cats. I introduce to you […]

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