Guerlain Terracotta Inca 2011 Lip Gloss in Salsa & Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadow in Maya


I reported on Guerlain’s Terracotta collection for 2011, aptly named Inca. It is a very pretty, very sexy collection indeed! I have 2 of the products here to look at! First up is the Terracotta Gloss in 07 Salsa: The terracotta lip gloss looks extremely bold and bright in the tube but it is very much a sheer and shiny finish lip product. Do not be afraid of the brightness!

Reminds me of being a baby: Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Body Powder Review


Kose’s Happy Bath Day is a extremely cute range of bath products only – things like bath gels, soaps, and body sprays are in the range. I’m not that interested in body products most of the time but I spotted this cute Happy Bath Day Body Powder. There was another reason why I got this – see the container…tell me, did you have one of these as a kid??? Please tell me that someone else […]

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