Beauty Story Platinum Gold Leaf Anti Aging & Birds Nest Eye Mask Review


You’ve heard of Beauty Diary face masks, right? Well there’s also Beauty Story – this range is from Japan whereas Beauty Diary is from Taiwan. I do like sheet masks a lot, although they can get in the way of…well, eating! That’s why I love eye only sheet masks. They don’t get in the way at all and treat me no. 1 tired spot under my eyes. I bought two boxes, called Platinum eye masks. […]

Hairdresser heirachy: Do you choose the Junior or Senior or Head Hair Stylist?


We have changed hosts now – do let me know if you have any trouble viewing the site, or leaving comments etc. A few weeks ago I needed a cheap and quick trim for my barnet. Basically, it had been frazzled and the ends looked like the end of cable wires. I knew a trim was for the best but I didn’t want to spend £60 for the luxury. So I went for the Junior […]

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