Posh Soap! Melvita Algascience Exfoliating Bath Soap Review


Melvita’s latest range is called Algascience, a range for exfoliating and firming the skin just in time for summer! I just love the blue colour scheme of this range – I know that sounds strange but I find it a very calming blue! This exfoliating soap is a large sized bar with red seaweed particles and lichen carragaheen which expands when it comes in contact with water. I used this in a shower though as […]

Just a note: Changing hosts and inevitable problems…


Just a quick note to let you know that I am changing hosts this weekend, (a bit of a last minute decision but I felt that Hostgator was letting me down too much for the price of the hosting!) so there will inevitably be a few jerks as things fall into place. Some of the latest posts and comments may disappear, as may some photographs so we will do everything we can to retrieve them. […]

Apples > Banana. Biore Kao Body Foam Shower Gel in Fuji Apple Review


Biore is a huge brand over in Asia – a bit like the Neutrogena of Asia? Perhaps?! Anyway when I am over there I love to buy Biore products (it’s much better than the stuff they release over here). Their newest shower gel is the Body Foam range and I bought one in Fuji Apple – I love Fuji Apple! Best apple ever! Coming in a 300ml bottle, this product is quite generous: I’m not […]

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