Enablers Guide: Where I buy Asian make up and some eBay seller recommendations.


I get asked this question all the time so it’s time to put it in a blog post! Where can I buy Japanese or Korean or Taiwanese make up? First of all eBay. I’ve bought a huge amount of Asian cosmetics from eBay over the years so I’ve probably bought from most of the prominent sellers on there! The biggest problems with buying cosmetics from eBay is: 1. Authenticity 2. Shipping Prices 3. General trustworthyness […]

ELF Pink Nail Polishes! Fluorescent Pink, Gum Pink, Passion Pink and Mango Madness


I featured some ELF Nail Polish a few weeks ago – very good for the price, so I purchased 4 more to try. See, my favourite polish colours are hot pinks and bright corals! I noticed that 2 of these were “new formulas” and mango madness is a new colour. Anyway here are the polishes I bought. Fluorescent Pink: Quite a nice warm pink with pearl through it. Not completely my cup of tea, in […]

Dose of pretty: Jill Stuart Nail Polish 104 Shine Beige and 105 Violet Red Swatches


Jill Stuart is probably one of the prettiest, if not the prettiest make up brand out there! On the downside…gah it’s so expensive and hard to get hold of. Oh and the results are…so-so! Here I am with two limited edition polishes, 104 Shine Beige and 105 Violet Red from the 2009 collection. I saw these on eBay for a bargain price (£17 for both) and thought I’d give them a try! First things first, […]

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