Like a clown: Etude House Tea Drop Eyeliner in Metallic Silver


I say like a clown, because you know how some clowns have those super creepy tear drops drawn on their faces? When I was a kid, my aunt had her bedroom decorated with that horrible clown wall paper and this clown had a drawn on tear drop…nice. Not nightmare inducing at all. Anyway Etude House’s Tear Drop eyeliner is supposed to be one you can use to add some highlight, indeed in a tear drop […]

Philosophy Tantalizing Tangerine and Luscious Lime 2 in 1 Bath and Shower Gel Review


I’ve actually had these Philosophy shower gels sitting in my ‘new stuff’ shelf for months because I’m finding it impossible to be torn away from Elemis shower cream. Although I am a fan of Philosophy, I wasn’t sure about if these shower gels would just be like bog standard shower gel put into a pretty bottle. A few other brands have ripped off Philosophy in terms of packaging and product so I guess it’s a […]

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