Like the Milky Bar Kid: SPC White Chocolate Body Cream Review


SPC Skincare is a British beauty brand that try and bring the Spa experience to your home. Which sounds good to me, apart from the fact that that their range doesn’t come with slave to massage creams into my legs too. So how does a bit of white chocolate body cream sound? They say: The creamy and tropical blend of Coconut Oil and Cocoa & Shea Butters, rich in Vitamins A & E are aimed […]

Hair Brush Haul: Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush and Back Combing Brush!


I went for a hair cut a few weeks ago (nothing special but was due a trim) and of all the things the hairdresser tried to sell to me, I just bought 2 hair brushes! One if a Paul Mitchell Brush, 413 Sculpting which she recommended to me as one for using to blow dry the hair. The second brush was unbranded but at £2.50 it was apparently a very popular back combing brush! I […]

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